Born 1986 in Austria and based in Vienna.

Pictures are preferably taken monochrome and in surroundings of nature or abandoned buildings – spots that have their own history and life. Main part of the work is digital photography and some experiments with analogue cameras from the DDR-era.

References and Publications

Group Exhibition “5 Jahre Kunstschaffen” at The Art Gallery Vienna – 03-04/2016
Group Exhibition “Passion Noire” at The Art Gallery Vienna – 01-03/2016
Publication in Issue 41 of Stark-Magazine – 11/2015
Commissioned Artwork and Promotion Pictures for The Devil And The Universe – 10/2015
Publication in Vol. 3 Issue I of Agave Magazine – 09/2015
Publication in Issue # 72 August/September 2015 of F-Stop Magazine – 08/2015
Contribution to Walk of Art 2015 Vienna and exhibition in Galerie Ho – 07/2015
Group Exhibition “Menschen” at Atelier Bajadere – 07/2015
Publication in Issue May 2015 in Storyline Magazine – 05/2015