Large-scale art projections of this years „Walk of Art 2015“ at metro station U4 Längenfeldgasse in Vienna, Austria
Vernissage July 24, 2015: Gallery Ho is presenting the international and viennese artistic works of the Participants in a group exhibition

Atma Natalia Stech * Adrie Van de Nieuwenhof * Cendres Lavy * Cristina Viana * Yulia Kopr * Pasquale Autiero * Kristin Drake * Tobias Hildebrandt * Sophia Süßmilch * Jana Madzigon * Maria Wagner * Matthias Lueger* Leo Mayr * Hanne Kröncke * N.D.C.M. * Luis Corrales * Project T R.I.P. * Florian Kopr * TBA

Kunstschaffen – Walk of Art 2015 – is a series of events of Verein Kunstschaffen in collaboration with Gallery Ho, Wedia – Visuelle Großflächenwerbung and the 6th Viennese District Mariahilf, curated by Galerie Guerilla.